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Gift Shop - Books

Call (620) 331-3515 to order any item below.

Dominica's Castle is by Wilma Andrews.  She is a retired teacher residing in Independence, KS with her husband Sydney. 


The history of a landmark house near Independence, Kansas, told through the memories of a pioneer girl from Switzerland named Dominica, creates a beautiful backdrop for this book by Wilma Andrews. While most longtime residents of Montgomery County, Kansas are familiar with the unusual house bearing the name "BELMONT" on its front, few of them know the origins of the structure, its green glass lettering bearing the name "BELMONT" or the reason for the two large castle doors at its entrances. "Dominica's Castle" provides all the answers. The story is beautifully told about the little girl living in Switzerland who always wanted to live in a castle bearing the name "Belmont" located on a mountain near her home. While a move to America would change her vocation and allow her to meet new friends and marry the man of her dreams, she still yearned to live in Belmont. You will share Dominica's dreams and feel her passion as you browse these pages and find yourself wanting to slowly drive by the "Kansas Belmont Castle", which still stands now occupied by a descendant of the Swiss girl with the lovely name, Dominica. Contributed by Rudy Taylor, a southeast Kansas newspaper publisher and author of an award-winning book, "Light on Main Street"

Price:  $24.95 plus S&H

Gerri's Gems


Geri was one of our favorite cooks that always had something for our bake sales. 

Price $12 plus S&H

John Koschin

John Koschin as done a beatiful job of displaying pictures of Independence buildings as they were originally built and as they look now. 

Price $50 plus S&H


John Koschin has created a wonderful DVD of the local train that serviced this area.  Includes footage of the actual run.

Price $20 plus S&H


John Koschin has brought pictures of our annual Halloween week long celebration from 1919 to 1949.  This is still an annual event.  Neewollah is Halloween spelled backwards and is a major attraction in the Fall.  Schools from all around this area compete in the Band competition. 

Cost $20 plus S&H



"My class loved the Tag-a-Long book because they could relate to the girl and her quilt. They said the book was like a "true story" because they had either things like bears or quilts or a special blanket that was theirs only and it was "their tag-a-long." It triggered a writing frenzy with my students. They began to write about their "tag-a -longs" and the adventures of other things that could be "tag-a-longs." It has been a wonderful language experience for my first grade students." Ms Candi BorahFirst Grade TeacherGunnison Elementary SchoolGunnison, Colorado "The gift of a quilt is a gift of love and comfort that one never outgrows. How well Ms. Andrews has captured this feeling in her Tag-a-Long book. Children need this sense of love in order to become comforting adults." Beverly Goode, Independence, Kansas

Cost $14.95 plus S&H