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Steve Greenwall Classes

Anyone in southeast Kansas or beyond-- beginning, intermediate, or excelled artist-- is welcome to join Steve Greenwall for his four-day workshop on water and pastels.

Greenwall is an accomplished, award-winning artist with decades of experience in teaching art. The class involves learning how to gesso paper for the water/pastels painting, doing the water version of the underpainting, and finishing the painting in pastels.

To register and pay for this class, email Donna Rothgeb at rdrothgeb@cableone.net or call 620-331-0108 or text 620-332-7694. The specific dates are all on Mondays: May 14, May 21, June 11, and June 25. July 16 is a regular Open Studio session at which one can work on any subject, but it can also be used to finish the painting created in the four-day workshop. If you would like to participate, the four-day workshop is $110. The extra session is $30 in addition to the four-day fee. Few places can offer this quality of a workshop at this price. Call now before the class is full!!!

Details about the class

The dates are May 21 to Gesso, June 11 for the under painting with water, June 25 to work on the pastel, and July 2 for more pastel work. The Gesso day is two-hours, so the charge is $20. The three-day workshop should be paid for all at once and should be spoken and paid for by May 11. Each painting day is three hours ($30), so the payment for all three days is $90 for June 11, June 25, and July 2. This class on water and pastels has an advantage, as you can continue and finish on Steve's usual third-Monday Open Studio on JULY 16, which is to be paid for separately. Since the total workshop spans May through July, it will be a little more palatable and doable. This last workshop, July 16, which falls on the third Monday of July, can be used for the finishing up of the water and pastels workshop -- or anything else, but is paid for separately. Please speak pay for this last one by July 6, 10 days before the workshop. The July 16 class charge is also $30, our usual charge for Steve's regular class.


For Steve's workshop bring your watercolor brushes (not watercolors) and your pastel supplies.
In addition, bring the following supplies to use for applying a Gesso finish to your board : 1. Tape (museum has it, but if you have the brown tape, bring it. If you prefer masking tape and can make it stick, bring it.)
2. Cheap household sponge. Choose one with a finer texture.
3. House painter's brush 2" or 2.5"
4. Tray, flat plate with edge to hold water, OR ice cream lid (the gallon size) There are 5 aluminum trays in the large museum art supply tub in the hallway with our art supplies. (Ask me or Louise to put this tub out if it hasn't been put on the work table.)
5. Board on which to tape paper to do the Gesso finish. No Formica, and whatever is used (wood or Masonite, should not be too slick)

(Plan ahead for a board; we have only 6) If you need a museum loan of a board, speak up early, so I can take a count

We will update the supply list if needed prior to Steve's Water and Pastel's class May 21, June 11, June 25, and July 2. About the inspiration for the painting, Steve says, "bring a photo of a SIMPLE, preferably local landscape, with sunlight coming from the side. He won't be be using watercolor paints but the watercolor brushes will work. Also, remember that the stretching and Gessoing of the paper should be done on a surface that will hold the tape. No super slick surfaces like Formica or varnished material. Smooth (tempered) Masonite or smooth plywood is the best."

If you have questions, text, call, or email. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THE ART WORKSHOPS AT THE MUSEUM!!

Contact and where to send payments.

To register for this class,
email Donna Rothgeb at rdrothgeb@cableone.net
or call 620-331-0108
or text 620-332-7694.
Send payments to:
Donna Rothgeb
(Make checks payable to: IHMAC)
P.O. Box 381
Independence, KS 67301